Councillor spies someone having a dump in Glenbrook

An astute Blue Mountains councillor has revealed he flushed out someone having a dump in Glenbrook bushland, and has ensured the culprit gets wiped out with a 3-ply fine.

Councillor Brendan Christie posted to Facebook yesterday that a pile of garbage was found in Glenbrook. Within 24 hours, a follow-up post said the culprit was found and given a chance to scrub up the site.

“The person will be hit with a fine for illegal dumping, a fine to recoup the council’s cleanup costs, and another fine for leaving the house without a valid reason,” Cr Christie said. “And rightly so. I hope this bites him in the arse.”

Council’s illegal dumping investigator, Tom Crapper, said that there were ‘nasty skidmarks’ left at the scene. “It was a big dump. There’s skidmarks at the site and all along the road,” Mr Crapper said.

However, a letter in the pile meant finding the bush dumping bandit was no longer a pipe dream. “Luckily we found the bloke and we’ve told him to come clean up,” Mr Crapper continued, “but he hasn’t. Which sucks, all our plans for today have gone down the drain.”

The illegal dumper, talking on condition of anonymity to the Mountain Babbler, said Cr Christie was a ‘party pooper.’

“What a shithouse move,” said the culprit. “I’m out here busting my arse trying to give work to council during a massive downturn, and next thing I know I’m getting rolled by the rangers. Like who even takes photos of dumps like that? It’s sick, really gives me the shits.”

Cr Christie was unapologetic, saying there’s ‘no excuse’ for illegal dumping. “Illegal dumping will follow you round like a bad smell. Dump responsibly or I’ll find you. No excuse.”

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