Senator asks Mayor to get the air con going

With a heat wave gripping the Blue Mountains, Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young decided the climate action she really wanted to see was the air conditioner being set to 15 degrees.

In a meeting with Mayor Mark Greenhill, set up to discuss multiple matters, the Sea Patrol fan asked the Council leader if he could “get the air going.”

“Mark, I’m baking here,” Senator Hanson-Young said. “Where’s the air con remote?”

Being an election year, the Mayor gave control to the Green member, who pressed the temperature control buttons. After drawing some more coal-powered electricity into the Council-funded reverse-cycle, the sweat was promptly removed from their brows.

“Thanks Mark,” sighed the relieved Senator. “Now, where were we. Ah yes, let me tell you about how we need to get people to save electricity. The carbon emissions are out of control.”

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