Female MP told to be quiet by old white man

In a speech about improving school attendance and healthy eating choices for students, Lindsay MP Melissa McIntosh was told to be quiet by an old white man on the Labor benches.

“I move that the member be no longer heard,” sneered Labor’s chief whip, requiring the House of Representatives to stop debate to then debate whether the debate should stop being debated.

Sources within the Labor Party expect the move to be celebrated within the union movement, who have a habit of calling women they disagree with ‘bitches.’

Asked whether there are systemic issues within the Labor party, the Blue Mountains Mayor, Mark Greenhill, said it’s normal to tell women to keep their opinions to themselves when it is ‘politically convenient’.

“This [silencing women] is nothing new. Take that Greens Councillor Kerry Brown, for example,” said the Mayor. “Kerry has caused me plenty of headaches whenever she spoke in the council chambers. Especially when she was talking about asbestos or my captai- I mean, legitimate hiring practices, or anything, really. Which is why I censored her in Council and was very pleased to hear the men running the Greens disendorsed her. She just needed to shut up.”

Macquarie MP Susan Templeman declined to comment, under instruction from the same male Labor whip.

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