Council announces new rubbish dump at entrance to nearly-closed Katoomba landfill

Upper Blue Mountains residents will soon have a new rubbish dump to replace the ageing Katoomba landfill, which will be located right at the gate of the ageing Katoomba landfill.

A letter sent to residents in the upper Mountains made clear that ‘no tipping’ was allowed inside the tip. Vehicles larger than 4.5 tonnes caught entering will be heavily penalised, and any person with construction or demolition waste would receive constructive criticism before having their chances of entry demolished.

To cater for the loss in services at the old Katoomba waste facility, the Council suggested users can instead tip waste material in their vehicles over 4.5 tonnes just outside the tip’s front gate.

“While we acknowledge that residents would prefer to see reduced services for increased rates,” a Council spokeswoman said, “we need to balance that desire with the need for waste disposal. Council firmly believes that stopping Katoomba landfill from accepting waste is the best move to allow the illegal dumping on Woodlands Road to thrive.”

Mayor Mark Greenhill, a lower Mountains councillor, was unaware there was even a waste facility in Katoomba but supported the change in waste collection arrangements.

“At first I thought you meant the entire town,” chuckled the Mayor. “And I wasn’t going to argue there. So you’re telling me there’s a landfill in North Katoomba somewhere, and people pay to use it? Why would you need that when we have World Heritage-listed bushland for free illegal dumping?”

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