Blue Mountains Council accused of having money

A Facebook post from a Liberal page has suggested Blue Mountains City Council paid for Macquarie MP, Susan Templeman, to share bushfire updates. But the Council has denied the allegation, saying that it is ‘incredibly disappointing and offensive’ to suggest they had any money to begin with.

Social media consultant and Hawkesbury councillor, Sarah Richards, is believed to have instructed the post. In a rare offline interview, Ms Richards said she didn’t mind the abuse being levelled at the Blue Mountains Liberals brand.

“Tis the season to be salty,” Ms Richards said.

The Facebook page called ‘Blue Mountains Liberals’ was made shortly after the 2019 federal election. Since its inception, the page has avoided mentioning any Liberals from the Blue Mountains, and has instead shared Ms Richards’ content and started fights in the comments.

‘Blue Mountains Liberals’ authorised by Ms Richards

A spokesperson for Blue Mountains City Council said in a statement, “any insinuation that BMCC is in possession of cash is deeply offensive and outright wrong.”

When approached by the Mountain Babbler about Ms Richards’ claims, Mayor Mark Greenhill said he was “disappointed that you [the Mountain Babbler] came back.”

“At least you’re not having a dig at me this time,” the Mayor said.

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