Trump Organisation announced as buyer of Katoomba Golf Course

After his generous offer to purchase Greenland was turned down, US President Donald Trump has set his eye on another sparsely populated yet pristine parcel of land – Katoomba Golf Course.

Today the Leader of the Free World announced that the Trump Organisation has successfully purchased the Katoomba Golf Club after an off market campaign for an undisclosed sum. Trump’s team are believed to be preparing an incredibly ambitious Development Application to build a 45 story tower and resort on the site.

Sources familiar with the Council are already reporting that the BMCC ‘wholeheartedly’ opposes the development, despite not yet having a chance to review the application.

In a candid interview with the former host of The Apprentice, President Trump explained the rationale for the purchase. “Look, I love golf and I love Australia so naturally this deal made sense.”

“Also not many people know this but we have recently pulled out of a terrible deal called the Paris climate agreement,” the President explained. “It was a very, very bad deal. Incredibly unfair to the US and it will cost the American taxpayer billions and billions of dollars.”

However, President Trump conceded that there could be a risk of a sea level rise.

“If those crazy democrats turn out to be right about climate change and it’s not just a Chinese hoax, in 12 years most of the world will be underwater.”

“By closing this deal I will have secured myself a huge parcel of fantastic beachfront property worth millions and millions,” the President said. “So as far as I’m concerned, whatever happens with the climate it will be a win-win for me. Now that’s what I call the art of the deal.”

The development application is expected to be submitted half way through next year, with the Council’s rejection expected next month.

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