EXCLUSIVE: every single Facebook account is actually Matt Bennett

An investigation by The Mountain Babbler has uncovered the owner of every Facebook claiming to be a Mountains resident – some guy named Matthew Bennett.

Investigative journalists from the Mountain Babbler, deep undercover in the ‘badlands’ of the Hawkesbury, conducted covert surveillance and found only Mr Bennett knew how to log into the popular social media website.

A property developer linked to Liberal Sarah Richards, Mr Bennett has taken over the social media platform and has allegedly engaged in protracted trolling campaigns against his alter egos.

In August this year, Mr Bennett was blasted by local MP Trish Doyle in a speech to parliament where she accused him of calling for safer roads. The late night speech also saw the MP claim that there is ‘undeniable proof’ of Mr Bennett’s ‘dodgy dealings.’ However, Ms Doyle refuses to repeat these claims outside of parliament which, if untrue, would land the MP in court for defamation.

But the attention of Labor parliamentarians has not slowed down Mr Bennett, who has kept making Facebook accounts and kept arguing with himself. When asked about how he became 100% of the Blue Mountains’ internet users, Mr Bennett struggled to hide his excitement.

“It didn’t take long, really,” Mr Bennett told the Babbler under one of his many pseudonyms. “There’s hardly any access to good internet in the Mountains. But when the NBN does come around, there’s half a town and a councillor on hand to complain. So the rubbish internet means nobody else logs in, meaning I get to post abusive comments to myself.”

Facebook was approached for comment, but declined to respond thinking our reporter was actually Matt Bennett.

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