Editor of prestigious newspaper ‘ropable’ after dog attack in Glenbrook

The editor of the Blue Mountains’ premier news outlet, the Mountain Babbler, has flown into a fit of rage upon learning of a vicious dog attack in Glenbrook.

According to the Lower Blue Mountains Discussion group, two dogs attacked much-loved and adorable Mitzy, who was on duty guarding Explorers Road from the NBN.

“I’m fucking ropable,” yelled the editor as another coffee mug flew down the hallway. “What little shit of a creature attacks such a cute dog?”

It is understood the Babbling Editor has not been this angry since the annual Airing of Grievances, which is held on 23rd December every year during Festivus celebrations.

All interns at the Mountain Babbler have been ordered to send their well wishes to Mitzy and her human housemates.

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