NSW Government to purchase Radiata Plateau ahead of road tunnel project

Blue Mountains residents are celebrating the NSW Government’s plan to acquire Radiata Plateau, the missing link in its BlueConnex motorway project.

Announced by Gladys Berejiklian at the election, the Government has committed $535 billion to the BlueConnex project, which will see the construction of motorway tunnels underneath the World Heritage Area.

“This is a massive project which the residents of the Blue Mountains will love,” Ms Berejiklian said. “BlueConnex will ensure the upper Blue Mountains’ economy will stagnate properly. Unemployed shopkeepers will have much more time to enjoy driving up and down the big beautiful tunnels.”

Radiata Plateau has been identified by government engineers as the best site for constructing vertical shafts, which are necessary for moving in the thousands of backpackers who will be digging the tunnels.

However, at the moment Radiata Plateau is privately owned. The buyer was hoping to sell the land to ‘someone who will take good care of it,’ but settled for selling it to the state when they found out nobody in the Mountains has any cash.

Hawkesbury resident and social media consultant, Sarah Richards, celebrated the Radiata Plateau acquisition. She says the upper Mountains will benefit from local jobs and, after clearing the land, ‘an increased supply of firewood.’

“Upper Mountains residents in Blacktown [sic] are excited for BlueConnex,” Ms Richards said. “The project will employ at least 10 locals as traffic controllers, who will be able to enjoy cheap firewood to heat their homes.”

Earlier this week, Liberal upper house MP Shayne Mallard surveyed the plateau with chief engineer, Dee Signer, and local children’s entertainer Owen Laffin.

“Radiata Plateau is a once in a lifetime purchase,” Mr Mallard explained. “Apart from all the trees and untouched wilderness, it is a beautiful spot.”

An environmental impact statement for BlueConnex is likely to be completed by the end of the year.

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