Councillor weeps as NBN tears apart beloved new road

A plume of dust and asphalt floated across Glenbrook’s main street, with the sounds of pavement saws drowned out by the cries of a distraught Councillor Brendan Christie.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) made its way to Glenbrook this week to install wires similar in appearance to fibre optic cables. But the construction crews were faced with crossing the recently repaved Explorers Road, and resorted to a concrete saw and some cold-mix bitumen.

A distraught Cr Christie turned to Facebook for a shoulder to cry on

“Look at it, look at it! How could they do this,” a bereaved Cr Christie sobbed. “My beautiful road, my poor beautiful road, ruined. It wasn’t even a year old. It was just a baby!”

Cr Christie, wearing a green Hawaiian shirt with flamingos, fell to his knees and continued crying onto the torn pavement. With tears streaming down his face and into the gutter, he punched the cold-mix bitumen, leaving a noticeable dent in the black substance.

Construction crews left the site after finding the next newly-paved road to cut open.

The Mountain Babbler reached out to the NBN for comment. However, either the spokesman for the NBN did not comment in time, or his email took too long to download.

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