Trish Doyle declares war on Korean phones

A dull thud followed by an angry scream was heard from Trish Doyle’s electorate office, after she opened her new Parliamentary phone – a Samsung made in South Korea.

“The fuck is this, some sort of sick joke? Who did this,” a livid Ms Doyle yelled as she slammed the new Samsung Galaxy S9 on her desk. “First the trains, now the phones? Come on.”

According to Babbler sources, a junior staffer – also a veteran of Emma Husar’s office – tried to explain how the phone is standard issue for all members of NSW Parliament.

In response, the mobile phone was launched across the room at the office worker.

“Do you know how many Aussie workers lost their jobs because of this phone? Millions. This Korean piece of shit is ruining Australia.”

Another staffer tried to explain how Australia doesn’t manufacture mobile phones. It is understood that the staffer has now been assigned to a camp for “hard Labor” duties.

The Blue Mountains MP, known for appearing suddenly in photographs, has been a staunch enemy of trains being built in South Korea, and has started boycotting the country’s exports altogether. Since the NSW Government announced the purchase of new intercity trains built in South Korea, Ms Doyle has vocally denounced Asia and its lack of ‘beautiful leather’ vinyl seats.

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