Month: September 2018

WSA goes ahead despite unconfirmed protester paths

Construction of the Western Sydney Airport commenced yesterday as Prime Minister Scott Morrison turned the first sod at the Badgerys Creek site. But concerns still remain about managing noise from anti-airport protesters, as the protest paths have still been left undecided and omitted from planning documents. Members of the Residents

EXCLUSIVE: Footage of Perrottet after preselection negotiations

Exclusive footage obtained by the Mountain Babbler shows NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet retracting his preselection challenge against Ray Williams, Liberal member for Castle Hill. It is understood Williams, also the Minister for Multiculturalism, is pleased by the outcome and blew a salutory raspberry at Perrottet as he hurried back to

“Hold my beer”: Perrottet challenges federal Libs for 2018’s political Darwin award

Dissatisfied with his federal colleagues claiming the title of 2018’s ‘top political suicide attempt’, NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet has launched a surprise attack on his cabinet colleague, Ray Williams. Sources close to the Babbler have revealed that the idea was formulated by Perrottet on a Friday afternoon boozing session with

Council staff uncover asbestos in strawberries

At second morning tea yesterday, Blue Mountains City Council staff were treated to some of Australia’s juciest strawberries. But the joy soon turned to shock as shards of asbestos were discovered nestled within the fruit. “We sent a couple of apprentices out to get strawberries, next minute we’re pulling bits