Blue Mountains MP wants dam torn down

Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle has called upon the NSW Government to demolish Warragamba Dam, the structure forming Sydney’s largest water reservoir.

“The NSW Government wants to build it higher. Well, let me say this: it needs to be knocked down,” said an agitated Ms Doyle. “Look at it, it’s an ugly concrete monstrosity.”

Ms Doyle cited the environmental impacts of the dam, noting that trees struggle to grow when submerged. Additionally, Ms Doyle believes the dam removal would promote economic growth in Penrith, which would have more water available for use in canals.

With the support of senior Labor figures in attendance, Ms Doyle outlined the benefits of a Sydney without Warragamba Dam. “You could build a system of canals once Penrith is flooded, which would promote growth in our local gondola manufacturing industry. And because the roads will be flooded, it would take cars off our roads, thus promoting public transport. A win for workers and a win for the environment!”

“So in light of all the benefits, I say this to the Premier. Ms Berejiklian, tear down this wall!”

A spokesman for Infrastructure NSW provided a comment, saying that the agency “questions whether flooding Penrith would be a viable method of building public transport infrastructure.”

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