Month: July 2018

Plastic bag factory closure another blow for Australian manufacturing

Australian manufacturing has been dealt another major blow, as the announcement of the end of plastic bags comes as a devastating knock-out to Australia’s iconic plastic bag producer. Hold’em, the last manufacturer of plastic bags in Australia, let the cat out of the bag today and confirmed it will close

EXCLUSIVE: Footage of Mayor meeting with Minister about public inquiry

The Babbler can reveal a secret recording of Local Government Minister, Gabrielle Upton MP, meeting with Mayor Mark Greenhill and senior Council advisors. Discussions centred around the upcoming public inquiry, with the Mayor and Council staff assuring the Minister that it will not be necessary. A public inquiry – Yes

Councillor Christie spotted in Lowes looking for a Hawaiian shirt

Yesterday afternoon, a bearded Liberal Blue Mountains councillor was spotted in Lowes trying on Hawaiian shirts in anticipation of the Council’s dismissal – and his subsequent holiday. Councillor Brendan Christie has been outspoken on the suspension matter, after trying to convince other councillors that a 3 month holiday is much

Leyonhjelm applauded for using cleaner language than usual

David Leyonhjelm, the gun-loving, foul-mouthed Liberal Democrats Senator, has recently made headlines for his comments on other senators’ personal lives and likeness to anatomical parts. While less reputable news outlets have suggested the comments are crass outbursts, the Babbler’s investigations have uncovered that the comments are, in fact, a marked

Federal MP proclaims Revesby as Blue Mountains township

Echoing campaign slogans recently used by Labor candidates, Susan Templeman announced today that Revesby is ‘one of us’ and officially declared it a town of the Blue Mountains. The federal member for Macquarie has often printed her election campaign material in Revesby, emphasising the importance of supporting local businesses in

Mayor “completely surprised” by suspension that’s been attempted three times this year

A cry of “what the hell?” was heard in the hallways of Blue Mountains City Council last Wednesday, after Mayor Mark Greenhill found out that the NSW Government is having a third crack at suspending councillors in response to the Council’s asbestos and staffing woes. The Babbler understands that the