Lindsay MP denies removing muffler from Comcar

Beleagured Labor MP Emma Husar has today been forced to defend a modification to a Comcar vehicle, which resulted in the Holden Caprice losing its muffler. The revelation accompanies claims that the federal politician has used the vehicle to travel to personal appointments, billing taxpayers in the process.

“I am a representative of western Sydney and we have loud cars out here. What’s the issue?” asked the federal backbencher. “The works were paid for by the Parliament so they still own it all, and if anything I’ve upped the resale price. You’re welcome.”

Semi-reliable news sources claim that Ms Husar has used the taxpayer-funded Comcar service to travel to private appointments, which were unearthed as a Penrith resident noticed an unusually-loud Caprice limousine cruising along Mulgoa Road.

Parliamentary procedures state that personal trips are not allowed, but may be permitted if the media doesn’t find out. The rulebook does not address vehicle modifications designed to increase noise emissions.

“As a single mum representing the good people of Lindsay, I have the right to remove the muffler from a parliamentary vehicle,” Ms Husar told the Babbler. “I’ve never seen a quiet car in Penrith, anyway.”

Ms Husar dismissed suggestions that the modification would result in community backlash. “Look, if I get a noise complaint, I’ll just get a staffer to take the heat,” the MP stated before entering the Caprice and driving down High Street in low gear.

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