Hashtag campaign to support alleged workplace bully

In a tremendous display of bravery and solidarity, a hashtag has been started in support of Emma Husar, the federal MP at the centre of workplace bullying claims.

#putyourdishesoutforemma has been started by Ellis Dee, a union organiser and ardent supporter of any female left wing politician regardless of their faults. By starting the hashtag, she hopes to bring awareness to the struggle of the beleaguered Ms Husar.

“Like, it’s so unfair for her to be targeted like this!” an exasperated Ms Dee said. “I mean, like, this is 2018. Women should be able to make staffers pick up dog poo. And that filthy cis white male should, like, you know, wash more dishes and stuff.”

Emma Husar, the federal MP representing Penrith and surrounding areas within the Lindsay electorate, has been the subject of numerous complaints from former staffers. Allegations have been levelled against Ms Husar claiming she forced a white male staffer to wash dishes, and made other staff members walk her dogs. It is understood one employee was made to live in with Ms Husar and perform domestic duties.

“She’s providing work and accommodation to young people, how can you fault her?” questioned Ms Dee. “I stand in solidatity with Emma, and you should too, you privileged sack of s***.”

Social media and public relations consultants for NSW Labor are outraged about the hashtag, saying that campaigns such as #putyourdishesoutforemma directly damage their job prospects. “Far out, wish I thought of it [the hashtag],” an anonymous Labor lackey told the Babbler. “If I started that, I might’ve gotten a promotion to Senior Dishwasher.”

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