City slicker watching Russell Coight now knows how much water to take into the outback

While sitting in his beachside apartment in the lower North Shore, a young finance employee received the most useful piece of advice he will ever receive: how much water to take on a trip to the outback.

Harry Stockressy, the son of a prominent businessman, was recently converted to the ways of outback trekking while watching the renowned documentary, “Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures.” The show details the teachings of one of Australia’s true founding fathers in his journey around the Great Southern Land.

The patron saint of outback explorers, Russell Coight, passed down a famous tenet many moons ago to his loyal followers, which has guided many weary travellers through Australia’s harsh deserts. “And the general rule for how much you’ll need is 3 litres per day, per person, per man, per degree over 25 degrees celsius, per kilometre if walking on foot, in the winter months dividing by two plus… another litre at the end.”

The newest soon-to-be-bushman to grace Australia’s urban east coast told the Babbler that the general rule given by living legend Russell Coight is the most valuable advice an outback wanderer can get. “It makes a lot of sense, really. I’m a outback trekker now, so I would know.”

Harry refused to consult a calculator to determine exactly how much water he would actually need to take on a typical camping trip.

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